Four In A Row


Four In A Row is a puzzle game. Your task is to solve many puzzles to block your opponents and make a line first. The line must be the same color discs.

You must create strategies to drop discs into suitable positions when playing the game. You need to drop them in order from the bottom to the top.

In a mode, the time is limited, so try your best to get a line with at least 4 discs first to gain the victory. In this game, you can play single or have fun with your friend because there are three modes for you to play. The first one is online players, where you can match randomly with other players worldwide in a public room or play with your familiar people in a private room. Moreover, you can enter the room ID to enjoy a battle. You and the other person can also play on the same computer in two players mode. The game doesn't only give modes for 2 players but also has play vs computer. You have to compete with the CPU in this mode, which may be very smart.

You will have a relaxing time after a long day with simple control and many modes. Moreover, it also helps us enhance our observation and exercise our brains. Select your favorite color, set the field size, winning condition, and turn time before entering a competition.


  • 2 modes for 2 players and 1 mode for single-player
  • Use the mouse to play the game
  • You can play endless matches.

How to controls

  • Click the mouse to drop discs