Funny Nose Surgery


Funny Nose Surgery is a game that allows you to transform into a professional nose surgeon. Sick people are in dire need of your help to have a healthy nose.

In Funny Nose Surgery, a girl whose nose made a snotty noise all the time needs her nose cleaned. You need to find a solution to her nasal problems as soon as you can. One of the possibilities might be surgery. However, you may change things as you go and apply stickers on his nose.

The game is incredibly intriguing and enjoyable, and it also provides a lighthearted perspective on surgery. You must see it for yourself and simply take in the experience as much as you can; it's quite different but still fulfilling and special.

You will like Funny Nose Surgery since it allows you to alter Mia's appearance and come up with some very imaginative and beautiful ideas. Just look it over right now, and get Mia ready for surgery!


  • Humorous surgical experience
  • Resolve Mia's nasal issues.
  • For fun, place stickers on the nose.


  • Use the left mouse button to interact.