Furious Racing 3D


Furious Racing 3D is a realistic 3D driving game that gives an extremely realistic driving feeling. Make sure to drive safely and not cause traffic accidents.

Prepare yourself for an incredible driving experience with Furious Racing 3D! This driving simulation game will give you the impression that you are now driving, grasping the wheel, and about to floor it! Select your game mode and get ready to use only your keyboard to drive your ideal automobile. Set new records, collect brilliant gems, and enhance your car. You are now unstoppable by anybody!

We've provided a driving adventure here so you may test the limits you choose! Starting with the established basic automobile, customize its inside to your liking. alternatively, you might invest in brand-new sports vehicles to up the ante on the action! In this entertaining simulation game for cars, there is no set goal for you to achieve. Depending on how you're feeling, choose either the snowy day for relaxation or Japan for wild drifts. One-way, two-way, time attack and free ride are the four available game options.

Release Date

  • August 9, 2019


  • Great Games developed this game.


  • A vivid simulation of driving a car.
  • Improving a car's stats.
  • Unlocking various automobile models.
  • Four distinct game modes.

How to play

  • The automobile is guided by the left and right arrows. the arrows up and down to move and stop, respectively.
  • The "C" key changes the camera, while the "X" key boosts.