G-Switch 3


G-Switch 3 is the skill-challenging runner game loved by millions today. In this part 3, there are many new changes to increase the entertainment experience.

The game you've been waiting for has finally arrived with the third episode! In the third chapter, G-Switch introduces you to a number of new things. You will now have to handle two runners in the single-player game mode. Furthermore, it would help if you were cautious of any sawblade-encrusted paths. You may play the game with up to 7 people in Multiplayer mode, or you can play it alone in Campaign and Endless modes. Switch between walls, floors, and ceilings as you strive to avoid deadly traps! Take on the G-Switch 3 online challenge and dominate your environment instead of merely standing there!


  • You can play multiplayer with either humans or AIs.
  • Rather than switching when you hit an obstacle, try switching just before it.
  • You can play with either the mouse or the keyboard. Discover what works best for you!

How to play

  • Player 1: Left-Click
  • Player 2-8: Define it from the game menu.