Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter


In the fantastic shooting game Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, you command a battleship to repel alien invaders and defend Earth. Upgrade ammo to attack enemies.

Warning! Warning! The planet is in peril. In order to invade Earth, a huge number of extraterrestrial ships are traveling to the planet. You must pilot your battleship as an Earthling to combat the alien invaders and foil their invasion strategy. Your goal is to accurately aim and fire down as much alien craft as you can. As the game advances, don't forget to improve your battleship with the goodies falling from the sky. They will aid in bolstering your arsenal. Make every effort to destroy the extreme bosses' crafts. You'll lose if you crash into an opposing aircraft.

Click to start the game. How many extraterrestrial spaceships can you destroy?


  • Has more than 100 levels of varying complexity.
  • A lot of priceless stuff to improve your weaponry.
  • The gorgeous visuals and musical effects.

How to play

  • The battleship is controlled using the mouse.