Gang Fall Party


Gang Fall Party is the biggest online fighting game available today. A brutal arena is waiting for you, stay alert and fight hard to defeat all opponents.

Prepare to begin a fantastic online fighting game with the Gang Fall Party game! All of the battles will take place on high ground, and your sole purpose in this game is to use your fists to knock your opponents off the high ground. You may play the game in either single or two-player mode. In the 1vs1 game mode, you may battle against a buddy, and in the Vs All game mode, you can fight against a large number of online opponents with your pals. In the 1P game mode, you may compete against internet buddies. Each online game will pit you against 16 or 17 other players.


  • Web browser


  • Gang Fall Party was developed by RHM Interactive.

Release Date

  • August 2021

How to play

  • To shoot using the left mouse button/up arrow or W.