Geometry Dash Lite


Geometry Dash Lite is a game that gives you extreme thrill in an exciting adventure. Control the character to conquer the most difficult challenges.

Welcome to Geometry Dash Lite, where you may compete in thrilling races! This is the next installment in the renowned Geometry Dash series. Have you ever played this game? Start playing this game right now to get new experiences with running games. This game will provide you with several innovative features that no other game offers.

In this game, your goal is to keep your character from colliding with obstacles. The game will end if you clash with the barriers. There are several challenges along the road. You can walk over high walls or leap over spikes. Blocks may also be harmful. After clashing with them, your character will break. As a consequence, the game has come to an end. However, you need not be concerned if you are not an expert in this running game. This game can be played an infinite number of times. Furthermore, the practice mode is available for you to use.

Geometry Dash Lite various features

This engaging game has seven distinct characters. Cube, Ship, Ball, UFO, Wave, Robot, and Spider are their names. These individuals will emerge when you pass through the gates. Portals will appear at unexpected places throughout the game. Each of these characters moves in a unique manner.

  • The cube figure will travel in accordance with the game's slope. While leaping, your character will spin.
  • The ship character will soar across the air. The Ship must be clicked to fly to the top and released to go to the bottom.
  • The Ball character moves similarly to the Ball character. The ball will also roll down the game's hill.
  • The next character with the ability to fly is UFO. You must use your mouse to control this flying figure.
  • Wave is a unique character who flies in a zigzag pattern. This character's peculiarity stems from his unusual method of movement.
  • Robot figures will move about the ground in the same way as conventional robots do. To make the character leap, click.
  • Spider figures move in the same way as spiders do. This guy will move about on the ground by using his legs.

How to play

  • You just need to click to move.