Gun Guys


Gun Guys is an attractive shooting game where you will control your character to aim and eliminate all enemies to gain victory and proceed to the next level.

In this game, you will transform into a fighter to eliminate all bad guys. Your objective is to use a gun to aim and shoot correctly to kill enemies. There are various levels with different maps and the number of enemies. The next level is more challenging than the previous level. You need to aim exactly to make use of bullets because you have limited bullets for each level. Note that you can't shoot directly at your opponent. Sometimes, you need to shoot at the walls to make the bullet bounce toward the enemy. Complete levels and gain gold coins. You can use these coins to unlock new skins for your character.

In addition, you can watch advertisements to gain more coins.


  • The interesting shooting game
  • Various levels with different challenges
  • Unlock new skins

How to control

  • Press and hold the mouse left button to aim
  • Release it to shoot