Gun Mayhem 2


Gun Mayhem 2 is a thrilling action shooting game that satisfies the passion of all game lovers around the world. In this version, all have been upgraded.

The sequel to Gun Mayhem is here! This time, there's even more turmoil. Destroy your formidable opponents by shooting them or exploding them off the platform using explosives. There is a single-player story option, custom games, and a series of challenges in this game. Once you've chosen a game mode, you may modify your character's look, color, and loadout by changing their clothing, headgear, and face, as well as their perks and weapon.

The goal of each game is simply to knock your opponents off the stage and keep them from hopping back on. Shooting your adversaries allows you to push them about. Using a succession of leaps and double jumps, you can escape being tossed off the stage. The gameplay is fast-paced and enjoyable, and rapid reflexes are required to win! There are a variety of weapons to pick from, including a pistol, machine gun, and SMG, as well as TNT and grenades! Will you be able to win Gun Mayhem 2?

Release Date

  • August 2012


  • A wide range of weapons and accessories are available.
  • Characters can be changed.
  • Multiplayer modes include single-player and split-screen.

How to play

Player 1 Controls

  • Arrow keys = move
  • Z = primary weapon
  • X = secondary weapon

Player 2 Controls

  • WASD = move
  • T = primary weapon
  • Y = secondary weapon

Player 3 Controls

  • Num pad /789 = move
  • Num pad * = primary weapon
  • Num pad - = secondary weapon

Player 4 Controls

  • Num pad 5123 = move
  • Num pad 0 = primary weapon
  • Num pad. = secondary weapon