Handyman 3D


Handyman 3D is a great game for those who love to experience construction site jobs. A lot of work needs you to complete to build safe buildings.

Would you want to use the Handyman game to perform some building tasks? The game has a ton of fun construction-related tasks including setting bricks, scrubbing paint buckets, operating construction machinery, etc. These missions will all be sent out one after the other. Try to fulfill the objectives in each chapter. Start the incredibly entertaining building journey now!

Perform exciting construction tasks like cleaning paint buckets, placing bricks, and controlling machinery. Make progress through each chapter and accomplish the objectives presented to you. The building journey may start now!

How to play

For instance, on the first level, you must click and hold the mouse button to fire bricks into the building to fill it to capacity while being careful to avoid moving vehicles because if you lose too many bricks without completing the structure, the level is forfeited.

It is as simple as that to assemble the bridge's components on the second level by operating the crane with the moveable handle and the release button.

Follow the directions and utilize the appropriate tools and equipment for each new assignment you are given, and we're confident that you will quickly establish yourself as a real legend of construction labor while having a ton of fun in a way that is only possible here.