Helix Jump


Helix Jump is a game that is sure to conquer your boring time. With the most unique different appearance gives you a completely new experience.

Helix Jump is a puzzle and action game that is entertaining and compelling. Take the ball through the holes in the circular platforms that are on the way to the bottom of the metal pole. Finish every level flawlessly by modifying the trajectory as quickly as you can!

Helix Jump was first created for mobile devices, however, it is now possible to play it online without downloading it; when played in a browser window, the experience is identical to the original.

You must be aware of one basic truth in order to play Helix Jump effectively: the platforms are fastened to the pole and can only move simultaneously with it. In order to rotate the whole structure and enable the ball to fall as soon as possible, you must tap, click, and hold the left mouse button.

This puzzle game is unsuitable for you if you like fast-paced ones; to complete a level, you must have quick reflexes and laser-like attention in addition to problem-solving abilities. On the other hand, each level doesn't take very long to complete, so if you ever need to spend a few minutes, play a quick Helix Jump game and navigate the labyrinth!

How to play Helix Jump?

Playing Helix Jump is very simple. You place a finger on the screen and move it from left to right to rotate the helix structure if you're playing on your phone. You don't move the ball across the screen, just move the rotating platforms around a central pole. Move the platforms so that the ball falls through the openings. To play on the computer, move the mouse