Hexa Dungeon


In the battle and adventure game Hexa Dungeon, you must eliminate the skeleton. Shoot pieces of the same color to unleash a powerful hero's strike.

Hexa Dungeon has arrived at your computer, ready to put your incredible brain and patience to the test. Are you prepared to assist this valiant medieval knight in his battle against swarms of evil killer creatures?

To get points and unleash the most devastating strikes you can think of, pay attention to the gems in each stage and combine them into groups of at least three of the same hue. You will need to plan every step extremely carefully since each hue will have a distinct quality. Don't let any of your opponents pass through your barriers, and kill them before it's too late for the city!

How can I play Hexa Dungeon over the internet?

  • When you release the left mouse button after dragging it, the adversary will be attacked.