Hole.io is an arcade very addictive game. You will be transformed into a black hole and eat everything you come across. Be the top in this exciting game.

This game truly understands how to play the game with a selection of thousands of avatars that make you distinctive and different and it's free. The constantly updated reputation rankings strengthen the upward momentum, which in turn encourages salespeople to compete with and outperform rivals while maintaining and refining their strategies. to ensure that you take the reins as the leader.

It's very simple to play this game all you have to do is move the hole around and watch as different objects fall into it and vanish into the abyss (the key is to only go under the objects that can fit inside). The game starts by consuming people, poles, and bushes before moving on to cars and then big buildings. If another black hole is smaller than you, you may also consume it.

This game is set in a city, therefore the map includes office buildings, apartment complexes, parking lots, road parks, and several other locations that are often seen in metropolitan settings. Anyone who has ever been in a major city would recognize the surroundings right away, making them rather simple to navigate. The easiest to play the game is to map out your route through each section approach before. Choose the most effective path that will offer you plenty of tiny stuff to chew on initially and then introduce larger and larger objects.

How to play

  • Move your hole using the mouse.
  • Taking anything that comes your way.