Iscribble.IO is a very good and popular stress reliever entertainment game today. Draw colorful lines to build the area and destroy the enemy.

Are you sick of leading a hectic life where you go to work or school in the morning and return home in the evening? After a hard day at work, you want to unwind and relieve your tension with an enjoyable game, right? Come to the game iScribble.IO to relieve tension and fulfill your wish!

Unlike other games with adventurous gameplay, iScribble.IO keeps you entertained with its straightforward concepts, simple controls, the opportunity to draw anything you desire, and competitive spirit. In this game, you may take part in a multiplayer competition to see who has the most land and can live the longest. Come play on iScribble.IO with us!

Control your square to designate your territory by drawing a tail like a line. To claim ownership of these playing areas, you must form enclosed rings. When another player has not yet completed creating a closed circle, you may attack them by crashing into their tail. Conversely, when other players approach you, take caution. They could trap you so they can kill you by colliding with your tail.

Follow other players on the field of play by using the minimap. In addition, you may see your rank and the players in the top rank on the game leaderboard in the upper-right corner of the screen. To get a stellar record, try to extend your property as much as you can! Additionally, you may check your accomplishments and playing time after each game to gauge your level of control and competitive daring.

iScribble.IO offers stunning visuals, top-notch effects, and intensely competitive action. In addition, you may input your name and choose the colour of your choice for your character. All of these elements will provide you with enjoyable moments to relieve tension and boredom. Enjoy your time!

Features of iScribble.IO

  • Cool art animations with vibrant, colourful visuals
  • Utilize the leaderboard and minimap to quickly climb the ranks.
  • drawing contest with online play
  • simple controls and mechanics
  • Choose your character's preferred colour and name.
  • the ability to draw tight circles without fear of assault