Jail Breaker


Jail Breaker is a puzzle game that helps those who love interesting experiences to challenge their intelligence. Can you escape prison?

Jail escape games and prison escape games will always be among the most entertaining interactive puzzle games available online because people have always been fascinated by the idea of escaping from prison, especially since many prisoners have succeeded in doing so over the years, proving that even a jail may not be impenetrable.

How to play

By utilizing nothing but your wits, aid the prisoner in escaping.

You begin the game in a jail cell and must escape via the corridors and other rooms without being discovered in order to reach the outside. This creates a fresh challenge at every level.

You will encounter challenges along the road, like doors, cameras, or even the possibility that your prisoner could get hungry or thirsty.

Of course, there is always a solution to the issue at hand, and you will always have a choice between two possibilities. If you choose the right option, you proceed; if not, your jailbreak may come to an end.

Use the little pick to unlock the door, the remote to turn off the surveillance camera, and a bottle of water to quench your own thirst while helping the detainee. If you answer correctly, you progress and get coins as a bonus.