Kipas Guys


Kipas Guy is a similar game to Stumble Guys, and also enables you to compete against up to 32 opponents in a treacherous environment. There is only one victor who overcomes every obstacle and defeats every foe. With your friends or any other gamers, you meet online, you may have fun.

A big variety of cheats and hints are included in this action spin-off so that gamers may fully enjoy the experience. You may use custom maps, choose which levels to go through, or play alone in team mode. Additionally, there are several unrestricted dashes that unlock all skins and emoticons. Kipas Guys is entertaining and have lots of obstacles. Each mini-game features a unique control scheme that puts your reflexes and talents to the test. Just get back up and continue running if you fall. Join the never-ending fun!


  • More than 120 skins are available to alter your character's appearance.
  • Run past the opposition by jumping and sliding.
  • Overcome dangerous challenges
  • Battle royale multiplayer
  • Vivid and comical 3D graphics
  • Several opportunities for customization
  • Frantic and enjoyable mini-games
  • Hysterical physical humour
  • Infinite respawn

How to play


The battle royale gaming rules are applied by Kipas Guys. You and the other players are competing in a knockout match. There is only one winner in the arena, regardless of how you finish the tasks.

Combat consists of 3–7 rounds that are arbitrarily separated into several levels, such as survival, pursuit, party, etc. Each round is a short game with a set number of participants and time constraints. The remaining players will be removed until there are sufficient participants for the next round.

How to play

1 player mode:

  • To begin playing with any random participant, click "Play."
  • When the timer reaches zero, it's time to race other competitors in an effort to advance to the next round.
  • The controls are really easy to use. One button for movement and another for navigating the obstacles by running, jumping, or sliding.

Multiplayer mode:

  • In the top right corner of the home screen, click "Party."
  • To create a private space and invite your friends, choose Create Party.
  • To invite your friends to the room, send them the room code number.
  • Click "Play."