Kittygram is an extremely fun puzzle game where there are many challenges for you to conquer. There are 8 levels and a total of 576 games for your entertainment.

You may practice your logical abilities here while having fun with lovely kitties. Are you now piqued? Then take action! You must decide on the number of pieces at the start of each level. It will be more difficult to handle the game when there are more of them. However, the enthusiasm is still present! Beginners should select the 3x3 simple mode, while experts should select 10x10. A playing area made up of blocks will be in front of you. There will be some vacant cells. They need to be filled. There will be numerous geometric forms with cats on the bottom panel. Without leaving even a single gap, you must fill the empty cells with them.


  • Fun puzzle game with adorable kittens
  • Basic mechanics
  • 8 levels of difficulty, 576 levels.

How to play

  • To align blocks correctly, drag and release.