Lands of Blight


Lands of Blight is an action-adventure game where you need to try to overcome the challenges of bravely fighting evil skeletons with the help of your sharp sword.

In the action-adventure game Lands of Blight, you play as a character that automatically attacks every few seconds and must fight against waves of creatures that keep coming at you. Simply go about the environment, take down as many monsters as you can, and attempt to get away from their grasp. Similar to other rogue-lite and role-playing games, as you decimate your endless enemies, you will level up and acquire experience. Additionally, each time you level up, a new random power that will alter how you play the game becomes available. The power-up you choose to obtain will have an impact. Plan out your hero's growth, making sure you only select the greatest abilities to carry you through the night. There are fascinating spells like fireballs and lightning strikes, as well as abilities like healing, stronger attacks, wider hit radii, and more. Make sure to strike the chests to reveal unexpected rewards! Can you endure Lands of Blight till dawn?

How to play

  • WASD or the arrow keys to move
  • Pause or unpause with ESC Enter to accept the selection