Might And Magic Armies.IO


Might And Magic Armies.IO is an entertaining game where you have to collect many soldiers and turn your army to be the strongest. Let's defeat all enemies.

Are you finding a game with beautiful graphics, Might And Magic Armies should be on your favorite list. The game offers easy gameplay where you control your army and move around the map to collect more warriors. The more warriors you have, the more powerful you get. Moreover, you also need to compete with other players. If you have more warriors, you can defeat the opponents. To attack you just come close to your circle on the opponents' circles. However, you should run as soon as you see the more powerful opponent. When you run, the power will decrease. Therefore, you ought to use it wisely. Your army can't go through the water, and you can use the trees to hide from enemies. be careful when the opponents may hide in the trees.

The game is endless until you are beaten by other players. You can receive some coins after a competition. Then, you can use them to unlock new powerful characters. Let's come to the game to have a relaxing time after a long day.


  • Beautiful graphics
  • The endless game
  • Combat with other players
  • Fun and exciting game

How to control

  • Press and swipe the mouse to move the army
  • Press the space bar to run