Minecaves 2


Minecaves 2 is the second extremely popular version of the most popular mining arcade game series today. There is a lot of interesting stuff put into this game.

There are several traps and enemies to dodge in order to complete the quest successfully. You must carefully arrange your path to avoid all of them while still gathering the jewels. There are 25 levels to accomplish, each with its own set of challenges and obstacles to face. Have a good time!

Release Date

  • July 2018


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)


  • A fun arcade game in the spirit of Minecraft.
  • You can only move in a straight path.
  • Along the trip, there are several enemies and traps.
  • There are other puzzle mechanics to solve, such as axes to unlock particular blocks.
  • Each level has three collecting stars.
  • There are 25 levels to complete.

How to play

Move through the mines as efficiently as possible so that you may gather all of the diamonds. If you additionally discover three stars, you will get a significantly higher score. Be wary of bats, water, and spikes since they are all dangerous!

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