MineTap is a cool clicker idle clicker. There is also an adventure where you can create your own village and fight zombies and other enemies.

For any fan of pixel games, MineTap is unquestionably among the finest free games. Click, tap, and rock to begin your epic mining journey right away!

Have fun digging and looking for wealth. Increase your character's level by completing tasks. Build your greatest weapon, then defeat awesome creatures!
Have you ever had the wish to save the world as a hero? Then tap to play and make yourself a crafting legend.

Combine the resources to create increasingly sophisticated materials on the forge and workbench. Develop your craft. Mine, construct, and advance! Collect stones, coal, ore, and other building components. Make valuable jewels, magnificent armor, weapons, and a useful pickaxe. Create your own hamlet and engage in monster combat. Be the finest among the titans of merging, constructing legends, and tapping heroes!

One of the greatest clicker RPG games that resemble pixels is MineTap. You may pass the time by doing nothing while your single-player adventure is available offline and without an online connection!

Everything is free, including mining, building, crafting, and digging. Become an epic miner and crafter by completing missions, upgrading your pickaxe, digging farther, combining materials, crafting and acquiring equipment, and using special boosts to hasten the process. All of Block Earth's riches will soon be yours! Let's add your name to the heroes' history!


  • Take pleasure in the identifiable graphics, especially if you like pixels.
  • Dig out a lot of blocks with your pickaxe so you can mix them and make things.
  • Gather treasure boxes to amass further mining resources.
  • Combine related blocks to obtain epic resources.
  • Utilize strong boosters to expedite the crafting process.
  • Create weapons and armor, then level up your hero to become even more powerful.
  • Take on more than 70 difficult tasks.
  • Try your luck in the gold mine and receive a free gift every day.
  • In this huge clicker-based role-playing game, be No. 1!

How to play

  • You just need to click to play this game.