Mr.Superfire is an interesting arcade where you can have fun and relax when you are tired. You are a soldier who has to escape from the enemy barracks.

The game will bring a thrilling feeling to you when you are bored. You are a brave army soldier and you need to escape from the dangerous enemies. How do you escape from that? There is one way which is to shoot all enemies. Your weapon is a powerful gun and strong armor. When you kill the enemies, try to collect all the items like coins, medkits, upgrade parts, and keys that are dropped by enemies. One more thing, you can upgrade your weapon and buy armor with many coins. There are many enemies who attack you, try to avoid their bullets. One tip is to use iron objects to protect yourself. Beware of the mines, they can kill your character immediately. Take care of the blood bar on your character’s head.


  • More than 50 difficult levels
  • Collect coins and other items in the game
  • Avoid the objects

How to play

  • Jump up, shoot, and do your best to deflect enemy fire.
  • To unlock and enhance your arsenal, collect coins.
  • Get through more than 60 levels while collecting rewards.
  • Do you possess the necessary skills to destroy the subterranean and achieve invincibility?