Murder is a very fun game in which our goal is to kill the king. After becoming a king, you have to protect your throne from other assassins.

In this game, your mission is to try to become a king and stay on the throne until your last breath. After killing the king first and taking the crown, you will become a king. Do you think the mission is just that? The answer is that you also have to crown everyone around you because they will use the same method as you to take the crown. They will attack you from behind, and go back in time to detect their intentions. Then put all the potential killers in the dungeon.

How to play

Murder is a very intense game. Your goal is to kill the king. But how to kill him? Go behind him and attack him at the right time, but watch out! If he spots you, you will be thrown into the dungeon! Naturally, after becoming king, you must protect your throne from other assassins.

You may have easily won the game above, but with stickman fighter you need to work hard to win.

Game control

  • Press SPACEBAR to prepare to attack and go back
  • Release the spacebar if you think the king is about to turn to look at you.


  • Now, you can play the game for free on our web without downloading it. Moreover, the game is playable on many platforms like
  • PC or smartphones.