Ninja Gravity


Ninja Gravity is a great fast-paced game. The goal is to run to the top of the castle tower without getting hurt. Collect all the gold coins to buy new skins.

Ninja Gravity's frantic gameplay and difficult-level design will put your mettle to the test! It will be a long run against gravity, so flex your legs if you're prepared to confront the challenges.

Ninjas are skilled, trained, silent warriors who are capable of things that others may only imagine! As a cunning combatant, it only makes sense that your character in this game would prefer to run up the walls to escape being discovered. As long as you can, you must maintain your character running up. Beware! There are many different traps and difficulties during this vertical adventure. If you'd rather play this game on a mobile device, you may click or touch the screen to have your character leap to the other wall. Ninjas may put fortune second, but it won't hurt to gather the cash left lying about. These may be used to unlock and equip various costumes. How high do you believe you can go before giving way to gravity?


  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Different outfits to unlock
  • An endless level to test your skills
  • Mobile device support
  • Different obstacles to avoid

How to play

  • Jump from side to side by touching the screen. Grab as many coins as you can while avoiding the obstacles.