Noob vs Pro 4 Lucky Block


Noob vs Pro 4 Lucky Block is an active game where you are on an adventure to find the lucky block. The lucky block is robbed by a dangerous hacker.

If you are a big fan of the active games, Noob vs Pro 4 Lucky Block should be on your favorite list. In this game, you have to control the character to fight the hacker. The hacker also sent the zombies to prevent you from finding the lucky block. Therefore, you need to overcome the zombies. Moreover, when you beat the zombies, you can get some coins. Then, you can use the coins to level up your car or power up your character. You also play Noob and 1000 zombies mode. In this mode, you have to use arrows to kill the zombies. There are some switches to open the door which prevent you from defeating the zombies. Let's use your intelligence overall levels.

Why don't you click on the game to have an incredible time after a long day?


  • The attractive storyline with 9 chapters.
  • Use coins to upgrade the car and the character.
  • Fight the zombies and the hacker.

How to control

  • To move just press the arrows.
  • To attack with a sword, tap the space bar.
  • To attack with archery, click the mouse.