Om Nom Bounce


Om Nom Bounce is a fun game for you to have moments of complete relaxation and entertainment. But it's not easy to overcome so be careful if you want to win

It's time to use your bouncing weapon to kill your adversaries in Om Nom Bounce! The Spider Wizard has kidnapped your companions, and you must rescue them. So, get your weapon ready and use your attractiveness and the weapon might annihilate all of your foes!

You should now surrender all you have in order to free your pals from the wicked Spider Wizard. However, you must first defeat various waves of adversaries before rescuing them from their captivity. Shooting sugar missiles at your adversaries is the best method to get rid of them all. Simply place your mouse on the screen and aim at the location you want to fire by following the dotted line displayed on the screen. Shoot your projectiles as you choose, make use of the reflecting walls, and watch the candies fly away from your foes. You will work your way through 40 stages to clear your path. Finally, you will be able to rescue your pals from the wizard and become their hero!

How to play

  • Use the mouse to play