Paper Fighter 3D


Paper Fighter 3D is a 3D action game that can help you play with your friends and family whenever you want. Your task is to be quick to launch the attack.

Paper Fighter 3D invites you to paper combat with your buddies! Play this online fighting game along with your loved ones and closest friends to test your fighting prowess and reflexes. Create your own dueling style, use special move combinations, and rule the arena against your opponents!

Welcome to the sketching competition! These paper muscles are not to be underestimated; they pack a punch. Watch out for approaching strikes; your disposition leaves you vulnerable to their paper fists.

How to play Paper Fighter 3D

You have the option of playing alone in single-player mode or inviting a friend to share the keyboard, screen, and fun! Choose your team: will you support the blue squad or be the red fighter?

Before entering the arena, you may examine the controls; they are located on the main menu just below the game mode choices.

Now choose your game mode and begin combat! Move using the arrow keys or "W, A, S, D," and attack with the keys listed in the controls menu. To create unique movement combinations, combine various moves with various attack kinds.