Pixel Shooter


Pixel Shooter is the most multiplayer shooting game today with different modes. Extremely cunning and cruel opponents to survive you need to show your skills.

Come play Pixel Shooter online, one of the best multiplayer shooting games online that we are happy to offer you all here free of charge, unblocked, and ready for you to experience, it is great with simple gameplay and mechanics, but advanced graphics and environment, where you get to compete with players from all over the world!

Be the greatest Pixel Shooter on the internet! Return to the game on a daily basis to get fresh goodies, and don't be afraid to utilize the free spins; you never know what you could earn. You can alter your skin in the Role menu if you have enough cash and gems, which you may earn in the game or get for free.

If you have the proper finances, be sure to increase your skill set and weapons so that you may become a better soldier and perform better as a result. There are many methods to play this game, and we'll go through them right now for you:

The first is the PK Mode, which has three subsidiaries:

  • You play alone in Single Mode.
  • Team Mode: You must work together with your teammates to defeat the other team.
  • Bomb Mode: You may also win here by dropping bombs on the enemy's turf.

If shooting isn't your thing, you may experiment with Fight Mode and its four variations:

  • Space Mode: Because you are in space, gravity is lessened.
  • Flag Mode: seize the opposing flag and carry it to your house to plant it, so winning.
  • Frag Mode: all players fight with grenades exclusively.
  • Zombie Mode: You have zombies, thus you must fight them till the very last second.


  • A = move left
  • D = move right
  • W = jump
  • R = reload
  • Space = throw grenade
  • Left-click = shoot