Pixel Smash Duel


Pixel Smash Duel is a stickman game where you turn into a powerful stickman. Your task is to defeat all other stickmen to become the strongest stickman.

Do you want to be the strongest stickman? Pixel Smash Duel can give you power. Your mission is to win 5 rounds before your opponent can finish it. You have to fight in the high place, don't let yourself fall because you will lose when you fall off. Don't try to always attack opponents. Remember to keep your character balanced to avoid falling down the ground or water. The game has 2 modes which are 1-player and 2 players. You can play with your friend and she or he will be your opponent. Moreover, you can fight with AI in 1 player mode. Remember to push your opponent down to gain victory in 2-players mode or even 1-player mode.

Let's come to the game and make an awesome attack on the opponent and gain the final victory.


  • The sound effects are good
  • Win 5 rounds first to gain final victory
  • Diverse character and background

How to control

  • W key to jump
  • E key to attack