Pokey Stick


Pokey Stick is a novel game for you to relax whenever you want. The gameplay is simple but there are millions of other players who want to surpass your rank.

Let's give Pokey Stick a shot at a new sport! In the Olympics, you may have seen athletes using jockey sticks to leap over obstacles and rise higher and higher with each attempt. Now it's your turn to put it to the test!

This is an entertaining 3D game that will keep you entertained for hours. You're playing as a versatile athlete, and all you care about is doing your job, which is hopping about with your jockey stick. However, you are not completely free to do anything you want at any moment. Next to you is a competitor.

How to play

At each stage, your goal is to outpace your opponent and cross the finish line first. To soar high, just hold down your left click and release your character as quickly as possible.

If you feel like you're about to fall short of the finish line, just left-click and quickly release your character! Let's see how far you can go in accumulating points and how quickly you can outrun your opponent!