Racing Go


Racing Go is a speed-driving game with eye-catching graphics. Sit in the car, press the gas and accelerate with a love of thrills. Choose your favorite car.

With Racing Go you've entered the race of your life. Prepare to accelerate as this large racing game features pace, visuals, textures, and competitiveness at their peak levels.

You suddenly find yourself in the midst of your garage, needing to unlock tens of spectacular racing vehicles. However, in order to access these automobiles, you must go through the stages and gather some cash. Select your vehicle, make it your own, and then get racing. One of the seven-game modes is yours to select. These game modes include drag racing, street racing, drag racing online, career races, daily events, and vehicle series. With these modes, you'll encounter various races and challenges.


  • Vivid 3D graphics.
  • Seven distinct game modes.
  • A sudden need for player control.
  • To unlock cars.
  • Free goods and gold are offered with selected advertisements.

How to play

  • W = forward
  • D = Right
  • L = Left
  • S = Brake
  • Shift = Nitrous
  • ESC = Back
  • By gathering additional Blueprints in infinite mode, you can unlock new vehicles.
  • When traveling over 100 km/h, attempt to pass other vehicles in traffic to get extra points and money.
  • When in infinite mode, earn more money.
  • Driving the other way in a two-way street earns you bonus points and money.