Raid Heroes: Total War


Raid Heroes: Total War is an exciting game where you show your full potential. Your kingdom is being invaded. The monsters are attacking you.

With Raid Heroes: Total War, construct arenas around your empire to enlist recruits and train them as fighters. Get ready for the next assault, battle goblins, steal gold, and strengthen your soldiers! To enhance your revenue, make investments in the future and construct more castles! Have you had what it takes to protect your lands?

Build a legendary army and unleash the fury on your kingdom's adversaries! Protect your boundaries against goblins and other players online by collecting and enhancing character cards! By following the instructions in the guide, you can stop waiting and start winning. As the two sides of the conflict get near, position your heroes in the best positions on your side of the arena. Examine your heroes' movements, speeds, and attacks, then use your knowledge for the next conflicts. Watching brief commercials after levels will double your loot by 10 and let your heroes level up ten times more quickly. You may construct castles that generate passive revenue and store cash in between games. Pay sporadic trips to these castles to collect taxes and quicken the schooling of your heroes. Join the online arena per the king's commands to test your skills against others.


  • Miniature heroes
  • Unlocked advancements
  • There are many heroes just waiting to be found!
  • Both individual and multiplayer modes
  • Presents and missions every day

How to play

The aim of the game is to assemble the best team of heroes in order to finish the tournament and the narrative raid. To hire a hero, gather five of his cards. For successes in the city and the raid, cards are awarded. Click on an enemy squad or the FIGHT button to assault them in the raid. Place your heroes in the proper order on the battlefield, then press the FIGHT button.