Rooftop Snipers 2


Rooftop Snipers 2 is the sequel to the popular video game released by New Eich Games. In this game, you have to aim at the right target before being shot down.

This game allows you to compete with your friends in a two-player mode. When you're playing with two people, you'll need a friend to support you because it's one player versus the other. Once the game has started, you'll need to keep your balance while trying to shoot the enemy players as quickly and with as many bullets as possible. Initially, you'll be able to plan your game by dodging enemy shots and jumping around them, but as you gain experience and skill you'll need to refine your playstyle and collect get more weapons. Better and better performance will get you more support.

The game begins on a block's roof, but you may alter the roof where it takes place and continue on a home roof or any place else depending on the difficulty setting you have selected. You have the option to play as a variety of characters in the game, and these come in the following interest categories:

  • Standard: Debra, Clara, Andrew, Bill
  • Businessman Brendan, hobo Joe, hotdog Bob, motorcycle Mike, sunburned Steve, and construction worker Kevin are shown on the roof.
  • Father Frank, Gamer Gage, Parachute Pam, Jock Jones, Junior Jake, Grandpa Gray, and Baby Brad are all included in the Map House.

How to play

Player 1

  • W - Jump

  • E - Shoot

Player 2

  • I - Jump

  • O - Shoot