Run 3


Run 3 is the latest endless running game for you to experience. You will be in 3D and go through the tunnel and track in the game. Challenge yourself!

You must race and jump your way through an endless tunnel in space in the exhilarating running game Run 3. Avoid plummeting into space by completing the 100-level assignments.

Exercise caution since Run 3 is so immensely addicting. Play as a little grey alien and go on a space station adventure with shoddy architecture.

After entering the forbidden region, which is peppered with an increasing number of perilous holes, you exit. A fall through one of the holes will send you into outer space, so keep an eye out for them.

As you sprint and work your way through crazy activities in a bizarre environment where the rules of physics don't always apply, the only sweat you'll notice coming from is from your palms. Why not run on a track that progressively blocks your route with more and more deadly holes instead of running around in circles? Furthermore, this game is located in space, which is much superior to a park or a gym.

When playing Run 3, players have access to exploring and endless game modes, among others. While you may go through the levels in Explore mode, Infinite mode lets you practice using the arrow keys indefinitely. Run 3 is unquestionably one of the best run and jump flash games we've ever played.

How to play

SPACE or UP Arrow = Jump

A or LEFT Arrow = Left

D or RIGHT Arrow = Right