Scary Horror Escape Room


Scary Horror Escape Room is the ultimate horror escape game to keep you entertained in the wonderful days to come. Prepare mentally to conquer this game.

Scary Horror Escape Room is a terrifying horror and escape game set in a strange abandoned location. Get ready to die of fright. Before it's too late, do you want to live and make it out alive?

To solve endless challenging riddles, you only need to pay great attention to your surroundings, search for things, and gather clues. Without fear, move forward step by step while guarding your back against the countless threats in your immediate vicinity. Continue to survive until you reach the outside, where you will be entirely secure.


  • Arpaplus made this game.

Release Date

  • November 2019 (Android and iOS)
  • October 2022 (WebGL)


  • To interact with the items and follow the game's tutorial, press the left mouse button.