Ski Master 3D


Ski Master 3D is a game that helps you experience a great ski race. The race is extremely intense and many challenges need you to show your skills to overcome.

Ski Master 3D lets you rule the ice from atop your snowboard. Hold on tight and accelerate on the icy roads because you can do everything it takes to win this race! There are several jobs to do and races to win in this ski game. You may turn your skier to cross the racetracks as smoothly as possible by using the A and D buttons. In order to avoid running into obstacles and losing time, you will need to move quickly. The three objectives you must fulfill at the start of the game are to utilize the accelerator one time, collect thirty coins, and win races three times. To be able to finish these jobs, you must have advanced through a number of levels. By using the cash you earn throughout the races, you can also take advantage of the headwear and snowboards in the store. Now, take to the frozen roads and give it your all to rule this sport!

Release Date

  • December 01, 2022


  • YAD developed Ski Master 3D.


  • Bright 3D graphics
  • Turn the wheel to receive extra rewards
  • Daily obligations to fulfill
  • Skateboards and hats to unlock
  • Simple gameplay

How to play

  • To go left and right, press A and D.