Slope Ball


Slope Ball is a challenging game with an extremely attractive ball that makes you unable to leave your computer. Are you confident that you can win?

Slope Ball's map consists of 5 locations and 11 exhilarating loops. Your objective is to fight to preserve these locations' mascots. With the help of Slope Ball, you may now rescue the T-Rex Tyrannosaurus, the giant snake Titanoboa, the flying monster Quetzalcoatlus, the vicious bear Megatherium, and even the shark Megalodon. Of course, being a hero is not an easy task.

You have a lot of items to choose from on the Slope Ball track. Try to acquire them in order to offer your character special abilities. You have the ability to simultaneously change your character while using the gateway. Remember that every character has different special skills. As a result, you may find your own unique favorite characters here.

How to play

To leap, click the left mouse button or hit the spacebar or up arrow key.