Slope Run


Slope Run is an enjoyable game where you have to navigate a ball to find out convenient platforms. Estimate the distance between the platform before jumping.

The game offers easy gameplay where you just keep the ball to avoid falling into gaps. Jump on the platforms to overcome the gaps by pressing the up arrow. You can steer the ball from right to left when you can't jump on the far platforms. You should control the ball in the middle of the platforms. If the ball falls into the gap, you must replay the game. The game has two modes which are infinite and level mode. The level mode has many branches, and you must pass levels to unlock them. You only go through the destination to level up. If you want to play an infinite race, you can click on the endless mode at the left corner of the screen.

The game has a leaderboard at the left corner of the screen to know your rank. Can you get a high score to defeat the top player and get first place? The game is available on our web for free. Click on the game to relax after a long time or kill time in your free time.

Moreover, the game is also suitable for all age groups, even children.


  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Easy gameplay, and simple control
  • It's hard to be a master of the game.

How to controls

  • Up arrow for jump
  • Right or left to steer the ball