Snowball Racing


Snowball Racing is a game that everyone loves. With engaging gameplay, create the biggest and fastest snowball to reach the finish line before other players.

Snowball Racing is a fun competition that you can win by rolling around in the fluffy snow. The inner kid of every one of us is playing the game of our dreams. Let's see how things turn out; all you have to do is stroll around while forming a sizable snowball.

In this game, you are placed in a group of three odd stick figures. You must produce snowballs more quickly than the other two since they are your competitors. Fortunately, you have a sizable arena that has been separated into many snow-covered levels. Simply move the mouse around to navigate the platform and gather snow in your hands. These snowballs are necessary because the snow you use to construct the path in front of you will allow you to move from one platform to the next and finally reach the level's finish line. To win the game, you must be quicker than your competitors. The stickman with the largest snowball can always strike the other stickmen, causing them to fall and get their own snowball. So watch out for your competitors, and perhaps employ this strategy to rule the icy roads!

Release Date

  • December 07, 2022


  • 2Play developed Snowball Racing.


  • Bright 3D graphics
  • Winter-themed games with a calm setting
  • To unlock skins
  • Starting out large is a possibility.

How to play

  • Swivel to Regulate motion and expand the snowball.