Spin Master


Spin Master is an innovative new game where you destroy huge numbers with your blade. Your warrior is stuck it's time to use your skills to get through them all.

Use your spinning blades to slay swarms of spooky creatures in the digital underworld, level up to enhance your weapons, and take on dreadful bosses with tens of thousands of hitpoints! Gain gold coins to stay up with the difficulty's rise and take down an army by yourself!

The only way out for you, a fighter imprisoned in a virtual world, is to use your blades to slay the bad guys in the next area. Though it might seem simple at first, the opponent's waves will make you reconsider. By clicking or touching the screen of your mobile device, you may control your character. As you go around the arena, avoid opponent strikes and use your swords to wear them down. With each strike, you reduce the enemy's points while preserving your distance. Manage the platform to collect additional blades that the opponents leave behind and add them to your aura. Keep an eye out for the unique foes; they might drop boosters that momentarily raise your attack speed. To go through this environment, tactically use the space and boosters, gather gold money, and fend off the monster bosses. Don't forget to purchase upgrades and weapons to boost your attack!


  • Vivid 2D graphics
  • Upgrades and weapons that are unlocked
  • Offline profits that are collectible
  • Rapid-fire arena battles
  • Exciting boss battles

How to play

  • Use the mouse to move.