Stick Archers Battle


Stick Archers Battle is a fighting game where you have to attack other players using arrows and bows. Knockdown them and get five scores first to win!

Welcome to the battle world where you can return to Medieval times to participate in wars using arrows and bows. Your mission is to use these weapons to attack and exterminate other players. You get one point for the death of your enemies. Get five points first to win!

This game has various game modes, including 1 Player, 2 Players, and Deathmatch. You can select your favorite model to enjoy the greatest moments with this game. Besides that, the game provides various maps with beautiful landscapes, great sound, and colorful graphics. They will help you release stress and boredom. Have fun!

Features of Stick Archers Battle

  • Attractive gameplay
  • Various maps with beautiful landscapes
  • Great sound, and colorful graphics

Release Date

Jan 27, 2022

If you want to change the fun atmosphere, the action game stickman fighter is the choice you definitely cannot ignore.

How to play

  • Blue Player: "W" or "Tap the button"
  • Red Player: "UP ARROW" or "Tab the button"