Stick Defenders


Stick Defenders is an extremely thrilling battle strategy game with an army of your own creation. Build your battle strategy to overcome the brutal attacks.

In the action-merging game Stick Defenders, you combine stickman soldiers to make them stronger so they can defend your base from waves of foes. Combine similar shooters, upgrade your offensive prowess, your walls, and much more. There are entertaining side activities like "spin the wheel," where you may win pleasant surprises that will make you stronger and open up new opportunities. So that you don't become overwhelmed by the incoming wave of opponents, utilize your talents as soon as their cooldowns are finished. How long can Stick Defenders players hold the fort?

How to play Stick Defenders online?

  • To pick and move units, press the left mouse button or use your finger. To combine two units, drag one over the other and drop it on top of it.