Stick Duel: Revenge


Stick Duel: Revenge is the most popular game today for your entertainment. You show your ability to your friends and fight bravely against the enemy.

In Stick Duel: Revenge be ready for a revenge episode! Between the two famous stickmen, there has been a succession of spectacular bargains. This journey has been prolonged to this lengthy conflict, as famous as this duel is. Can you bring this to a conclusion with a clear victory? This is a game about luminous stickmen struggling for survival. These stickmen are caught in the midst of a globe, which is shielded by an air shield. What you need to do is guide these sloppily moving stickmen in the most effective manner possible. To shoot your opponent, jump, toss weapons, and gather weapons falling from the skies.

In this game, each side receives five opportunities. As a result, keep winning the match until your opponent is dead. Choose between playing against the machine or playing with a buddy from the same keyboard to discover who is the best stickman dueler now!


  • 2D graphics with radiance
  • Several levels
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • There is a two-player mode.
  • Stickmen in a duel!

How to play

PLAYER 1 Move:
  • Shoot: "L"
  • Throwing the Weapon: "O"
PLAYER 2 Move:
  • Use the "WASD" key to move
  • Shoot: "F"
  • Throwing the Weapon: "R"