Stick Merge


Stick Merge is a fun merging game designed by TinyDobbins in which you combine several sorts of weapons and fire the moving stick to construct formidable weaponry.

Your aim is to combine various weapons to create more powerful weapons, improve your pistol, find all of the power-ups, and become the greatest shooter in town.

To do so, use a little gun to aim, fire without fear, and earn money for each kill. Once you've accumulated enough money, you may use them to buy more weapons and combine them to make the most lethal weapons conceivable. Prepare your arsenal, examine all of the available power-ups to make your mission easier, and prove to the world that you have the greatest aim and reflexes!

TinyDobbins produced and published this game.

Platforms: It is now accessible through a web browser.

Playing Instructions

Click and drag the left mouse button to choose and move weapons.

Drag and drag the mouse cursor to shoot opponents

It's time to take down the hundreds of armed opponents that are waiting behind the huge concrete barriers and barricades to take your lives one by one. If you love can enjoy more stickman fighter game