Stick Merge


Stick Merge is a shooting game with extremely attractive gameplay that makes it hard for you to leave the computer screen. Are you confident to conquer them all

Stickman and shooting video games are the inspiration for this game. These two game styles have been blended into one to provide the most fun game possible. You may see furious gun battles between skilled shooters in this game. Killer Wars! Just two choices are available.

Additionally, the aesthetics in this game are based in western Europe. A severe, scorching environment and old citadels may be found here. In the sunshine, everything seemed to be burning. The visuals are straightforward yet not monotonous.

How to play

The way to start this game is very simple, when you first start you will be trained to get used to how to shoot. Once you get acquainted you will enter the match immediately. Choose key positions to bring down the enemy fastest. When passing a level you will accumulate gold and change the type of gun.

The special thing hidden in this game is that in the back when you have more gold, your gun is upgraded, and then your enemy's dungeon is only after one shot. Each gun is upgraded as a veil to hide the power that anyone wants to discover.

Your aim will be manipulated on your left mouse. Levels are raised and your enemies are also getting stronger. It's time for you to unleash your power in this game.