Stickman Archer 2


Stickman Archer 2 is an intriguing shooting action game. In this game, you have to control your stickman to shoot down your opponents using a bow.

It's time to prove to the world that you're the best shooter in the stick universe in Stickman Archer 2. Head into the arena while holding your bow and quiver in your hands. No one of your rivals has a chance to win this game with your calm hand and precise strokes. Have you prepared?

It takes a lot of talent to be a skilled archer, and you're one of the greatest! Although they haven't met you, others believe in their abilities as well.


  • The exciting shooting game
  • Infinite battle with endless arrows
  • Try to get the highest score

How to play

  • To get a good score in this game you must eliminate as many adversaries as you can. Breathe deeply make good aim then release your arrow!
  • Click the play button on the main menu to begin the game. In the game, you and your opponents will be positioned on several platforms.
  • To change your aim and the pace of the shot, click and drag your mouse around the screen. You get stars and points for killing an adversary. An adversary may be destroyed with two bullets, but if you aim for their head, you can eliminate them with only one shot.
  • More points and stars are awarded for taking headshots. New character skins and locations may be unlocked with these stars. Have a wonderful time!