Stickman Archer Adventure


Stickman Archer Adventure is a really cool stickman puzzle-based arcade action game. Are you confident with your archery ability? Let's check it out now.

Our favorite Stickman is in danger in Stickman Archery Adventure! The stickmen are in danger, and you can rescue them before they perish! Will you be able to rescue your friends and collect all the stars at once? Best wishes!

They were captured by the villains and hanged by a rope! You must support the unfortunate pregnant people as quickly as possible, or they may suffocate! Hit the play button to start the game if you're ready for 25 levels where you'll try to save them all!


  • Two-dimensional graphics
  • There are 25 levels to finish.
  • Gameplay is difficult to master
  • Easy-to-use controls

How to play

Your goal in this game is to aim the bow and shoot arrows while cutting the rope to rescue your companion! You can do this by clicking to aim and then releasing the mouse to shoot.

But proceed with caution! Simply shoot the rope, not your friend! Each level has a limited number of arrows; If you can't rescue him with them, the level fails. If you can rescue your companion with these arrows, you will get three points and unlock additional levels.

Calculate the angle to the nearest degree for the arrow to hit its target. You must be an excellent sniper to rescue the stickmen!