Stickman Army Team Battle


Stickman Army Team Battle is an extremely attractive and dramatic turn-based combat game. You need to choose different weapons and increase the power to fight.

In the fun stickman fighting game Stickman Army Team Battle, your goal is to defeat the other stickman army and take out their leader. Your actions are rather arbitrary because each round requires you to spin a slot machine; based on what the slots land on, your attacks and damage will be determined.

Every round, you can choose between three different actions and watch as your stickmen battle it out for supremacy! The gameplay is entertaining, the aesthetics are interesting, and the bloody and graphic animations are all excellent. Complete each task, and don't forget to search for power-ups to utilize in combat. Enjoy yourself and try to keep your stickman army under control today.


  • Green and Red teams are playable.
  • 3 types of actions
  • To decide what to do, spin the slot machine.
  • Battlefield power-ups that can be selected


  • Playtouch developed this game.

Release Date

  • January 2017

How to play

  • Play by left-clicking.