Stickman Bike Rider


Stickman Bike Rider is a racing game where you control a stickman riding a motorcycle. In the field of fun bike racing, you can flip, jump and dash.

Control a daring stick figure and pedal around dangerous tracks in Stickman Bike Rider. Keep your hands on the wheel as this exciting road will take you far from home and over the hills! It is very possible to become a world-famous cyclist by performing incredible feats on a series of difficult stages and locations.

Wear your helmet and fasten your seat belt, because the action is about to begin! In this game, you have to complete each level without colliding with any wall or other object to reach the finish line safely. The game has a total of 29 levels, each with a unique and complex design. This game will take you to many different places, including beautiful rainforests and famous tourist sites like Egypt.

How to play

To start the game, press the play button and select a chapter. Initially, only the first level of the first chapter will be unlocked. Before moving on to the next level, you must first complete the previous level.

Arrow keys are used to control your character. While making that remarkable feat, use the left and right arrow keys to steer the bike and the up and down arrows to keep your balance and ensure a safe landing. The level will end if you collide or fall on the head, and you will have to start over.