Stickman Boxing KO Champion


Stickman Boxing KO Champion is fun yet deadly game in which the Expert battles in a fierce battle employing several blows and destructive combinations.

Prepare to compete in a hot boxing match against strong opponents in Stickman Boxing KO Champion. How effective are your movements? With a few uppercuts here and there, you'll be a champion in no time. Maintain vigilance, as your opponent will attempt to knock you unconscious as well. Allow the cheers of the audience to inspire you to become the ring's biggest star!

Our character Stickman didn't mind being a sketched stick figure with a circular head and a frail-looking body formed of lines. We're not sure how the guy manages to wear gloves without fingers, but he can certainly punch! In this fascinating game, your goal is to defeat your opponent without being knocked out. As you enter the ring, the spotlight is on you, and your opponent stands in the corner.

How to play

  • Dodge your opponent's strikes using the A and D keys, and deliver devastating punches with the K and O keys.
  • Both your and your opponent's health bars are shown at the top of the screen. Even the top players will eventually be eliminated. You'll get a chance to rejoin the battle whenever your health runs out.
  • Continue hitting the SPACE BAR until the meter fills up before the countdown expires.
  • You will be awarded stars at the conclusion of each match based on your performance. You'll get 3 stars if you never got KO'd. You'll get two stars if you're knocked out once, and one star if you're knocked out twice.