Stickman Fighter 3D Fists of Rage


Stickman Fighter 3D Fists of Rage is a game that takes place in five separate locations. The journey begins on the highway discover the next place by yourself.

In Stickman Fighter 3D Fists of Rage, be ready to face your savage opponents! Roll up your sleeves and prepare for some savage punches and kicks, for this fight will be remembered for a long time. What could be more thrilling than kicking somebody in the face on the street? If you agree, get ready to punch some stickmen and start playing!

Have you ever wanted to be the scariest person on the block? Then this is your best chance at becoming one! Side alleyways may be dangerous in the dark, so have lots of backups! Prepare to show off your fighting skills in this fun combat game. Before entering battle, you may utilize the practice area to learn more about your abilities. Use the up and down arrows to travel forward and backward, and the right and left arrows to move forward and backward. Use the Z key to slam your fists into your opponents, and the X key to kick them away. The C key may be utilized as a shield move when used appropriately. As a consequence, you will be secure from any attacks made by your opponents. The game starts on the highway, and as you go through the levels, you will travel all throughout the city. You'll be able to unlock stronger characters as you progress and earn points.


  • 3D graphics with vibrant colors
  • There are many levels to finish.
  • There are many characters to unlock.
  • The game is both entertaining and addicting.

How to play

  • Use your arrows to move the player
  • Z is for punching
  • X is for kicking
  • C is for blocking the attack
  • The spacebar is for jump